Quick Birthday Card

I’ve been working on a couple little projects over this past week, but I am just waiting to get some supplies to finish them up so I can share. However, I did have everything I needed at home today to make a card with my craft cutter for a 1st birthday party we are going to tomorrow. I’ve had the thing since December when both my mom and husband each got me one. That’s not the first time that’s happened either. One year I got sewing machines from my mom and mother-in-law. Both times it was not something I had particularly been wanting, but glad I got. Anyway, today is the first day I’ve actually used it to make something.

The party is cowboy themed, but I decided to just go with a generic birthday theme and made a cake card. I used a double-sided card stock. I put a cut out of a 1 candle in the same pattern for the inside to give it some interest, but keep it from distracting from when we write in it since the pattern is busy enough. I use blocked letters to spell out the name on the front. Nothing fancy, but I think it came out nice. It took a few minutes, but it saves me about $3-$4 on a store-bought card and it’s a little more personal.

2 thoughts on “Quick Birthday Card

  1. xoxo

    Wow you are incredibly talented with all your crafts. I have a sister who is just like you but in the baking department. She made me a beautiful homemade baby album/book. I bet you’d be great at that as well.

    Just wondering…have you ever thought of turning your passion/talent into a career or way to make money. I can think of millions of moms who would love to have your custom-made baby products.


    • Thank you, I wish I could make a career out of this. Right now I work full time and have an almost 1 year old. So I don’t get to craft as much as I’d like to. I’m hoping to eventually make enough things to take to a local farmer’s market to see how well they do there first and then hopefully I can get a shop going on Etsy or something. Who knows maybe someday I’ll be able to quit my job and do this for a living 🙂

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