Soft Baby Blocks

I’ve been working on some soft baby blocks over this past week. It’s taken so long because each time I am wanting to add something more and have to go pick up more supplies at the store. Initially I just wanted to make a simple, 6-sided, plush baby block. They’re very simple to make and go much quicker once you get into a rhythm.

To make just the basic block you need:

6 fabric squares in the same size (any size depending on how large you want the blocks). I suggest using a few different fabric types to give it a little textural interest. I like to pick 3 different prints for each block and cut 2 squares from each print. It works well to use one solid, one pattern, and one with pictures or characters on it, but that all really depends on your personal taste. You can also do all 6 sides in the same or all different prints.

fiber-fill or other soft filling

sewing supplies (sewing machine, needle, and thread)

To make the block:

The blocks should form a lower case "t" when all sewn together

– You want to start by figuring out how you want your blocks arranged. Do this by laying them in a lower case “t”, 4 lined up, the extra 2 on either side of the 2nd square (see picture to right).

-You will then sew 2 squares from the row of 4 together on just one side, making sure the front sides of the fabric are facing each other. Repeat this until you have all 4 blocks connected.

-Use the same technique to sew the other 2 squares to the sides of the 2nd square in the row of 4 blocks.

-The rest of the block continues the same way, except now it becomes 3-D. I like to begin with the cross  part of the “t”. So using the picture above I would sew the blocks with lions on them to the pattern on  the left. You can start sewing in any order though.

-When you get to the last side (the one that would complete your block), only sew it about 1/2 or 3/4 the way  depending on how large you need the opening to be to stuff the block.

TIP: Cutting the corners will help get a better edge when you reverse the cube.

Ready for stuffing!

– Turn the block inside out (TIP: Use a pencil to push out the edges to make them more pointed).

– Fill the block with your stuffing of choice

(TIP: Add a bell, tissue paper, or rattle to the inside so when baby shakes them they make noise)

– When the block is stuffed, hand sew the opening closed

I made a set of these for a birthday party we went to this weekend. It was cowboy themed, but would you believe I searched the entire fabric section of our craft store and could not find a single cowboy themed print? Luckily I happened to come across a cowboy hat iron-on application that did the job. I stuffed one of the blocks with a bell that was quiet enough not to be obnoxious to mom and dad. I wanted one to rattle, but most of my ideas involved using food. I ended up using the little maze party favors. They were small enough to fit the opening, they’re lightweight, and I found a pack of about 6 at our dollar store. My 11-month old loved the one with the maze in it.

These aren't finished yet, but I started these for my friend's baby who is 3 months. I used a letter iron-on to personalize it a bit.

TIP: Instead of buying fabric for every occasion, you can use fabric pieces you already have and add an application to fit the theme you want.

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