Retractable Badge Holders

Next week I will return to my alma mater to watch the girls I mentored as freshman get pinned in a ceremony symbolizing their completion of nursing school and entry into the professional world. I am beyond excited! I had been trying to think of something to give them that would not be too expensive, but would be useful and something they’d appreciate. So I tried thinking of something that nurses use everyday and came up with badge holders. So I did some research and figured it would be the perfect project to make them fabric-covered, retractable badge holders. They’re simple to make, I got the supplies half off so they were inexpensive, and they’re something I’d personally love to get as a gift.


Button cover kit – I used the 1 1/8″ size, which did not cover the holder completely, but I preferred to the larger button (I also tried 1 1/2″ but didn’t like them as much)

Retractable badge holders

Fabric – 1/4 yard gave me 12 buttons with plenty left over to make about 4-5 times that much


Craft glue

I found some fabric representing my alma mater. The shapes on it were perfect for the circular button shape and were almost exactly the same size as the button. It took me about 30 minutes to make 12 buttons, including learning time. I meant it when I said they’re simple to make.

1. Cut out circular pieces of fabric slightly larger than your button making sure the image you want on the button is at the center.

2. Place the fabric print side down on top of the mold from the button cover kit.

3. Place the front of the button face down over the fabric and push into the mold.

4. Fold over the fabric and place the back side of button on top.

5. Use the button pusher to press on the button unit you feel it                                                                                                                          pop into place.

6. Remove the button from the mold and take off the back piece from the button using the pliers.

7. Using craft glue or krazy glue attach the button to the retractable badge holder and viola! You’re done.

2 thoughts on “Retractable Badge Holders

  1. Where do you purchase the button cover kits? And do you need the button “tool” also? I remember having a Badge-A-Minit kit years ago and I noticed that kits like this today can be rather expensive. Any suggestions anyone?

    • I purchased the button cover kit from Joann Fabrics, but have also seen them at Michael’s and Walmart. The kit included everything you needed including the buttons and were only a few dollars. You could just buy the buttons without the kit but it’s a little more difficult to get the fabric snapped in the back. Hope this helps!

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