Fabric Covered Cork Board

I’m completely redoing a room for my almost 1-year old. I never finished the room in the first place and figured I might as well just start from the beginning. So we painted a bedroom that used to serve as an office and moved all that furniture into an unused dining room to make space for a nursery. Up until now the baby has slept in our room, but it’s approaching (or maybe has passed) the time where baby should probably move out. I must admit I am taking my sweet time because the sooner the room is done, the sooner I will have to detach myself. I can’t decide if I want to go with an aviation or nautical theme so I might go with an “aero-nautical” theme, not to be confused with aeronautical. Ok, bad joke, I apologize. In my blog browsing I came across this post by Origami Mommy who provided some links to tutorials for fabric wall hangings and made some beautiful framed fabric of her own. I wanted some easy, inexpensive, and functional pieces of wall art for the nursery when I remembered I had bought a pack of 3 cork heat trivets from Ikea sometime when I was pregnant that would be perfect for the project.

Items you will need:

Cork (I used circular ones, but square ones will be much easier to wrap)

Fabric (I used 3 different prints, but you can use all the same. The size will depend on the size of your cork)

Rotary cutter or scissors

Stapler or staple gun


1. Cut fabric the shape of your cork, making sure to cut about about 1″ extra to fold over onto the back.

2. Place the fabric print side down on a hard surface (I used our tile floor) and lay the cork over it making sure the portion of the print you want displayed is covered by the cork.

3. Fold the excess fabric onto the back and staple making sure to pull fabric tight each time so you don’t end up with loose areas or sagging fabric. This proved to be a little more difficult with the round cork than I thought, had to use a few more staples than I would have liked.

The back doesn’t look very appealing, but luckily that won’t be displayed so I didn’t do anything about it. If it bothers you, you can cut a piece of cardstock and attach it to the back to give it a finished look. The cardstock might help make it easier to hang as well.

And these are the finished products so far. I might add some hooks, but for now they will be purely decorative. I just have to figure out how to hang them up now.

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