Construction-themed Birthday Party

Unfortunately I was so busy at my son’s 1st birthday party this weekend I did a poor job of capturing the party. I didn’t even take a picture of the cake! Here are some of the things I did take pictures of . . .

The invitations:

In a previous post about my Cricut projects I showed some hammers and screw drivers I cut out to make decorations. I sewed them to some scrap shapes removed from the invitations (i.e. the inside of the tires) to make some hanging garland.

I hung one of these on each side, then hung pieces of caution tape of a shorter length in the middle so guest wouldn't keep hitting their head on things when walking through the archway.

Here’s a quick how to for these:

1. Begin by hand sewing the piece you want at the bottom first and secure it with a knot.

2. Collect an assortment of various shaped pieces of cardboard for the rest of the garland.

3. Make a know about 3 inches above the bottom cardboard figure.

4. Thread one of the shapes. It should stop at the knot you made. Repeat step 3 for each card stock shape you use to keep them evenly spaced.

The 4 minute smash cake (not including bake time):

There was a main cake in the shape of a dump truck that I iced in about 5 minutes as well, but I forgot to get a picture of it, hopefully someone else did!

 The tables:

The Welcome and Goodbye table. There was a book to put their address and some words of wisdom for the Birthday Boy on the right and goody bags on the left.

The fun:

I found this online. It wasn't as popular as I had hoped, but I loved it for sure!

A race to find gummy worms and a sugar stop sign in a pile of pudding.

My sister's birthday was the next day so she got a smash cake too!

This kid can eat cake!

We also had a pool we bought that morning that was quite a task figuring out and filled up just in time for our guests. We had video games for the older kids, a lot more food, and some games I decided last minute to skip at the party.

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