Potted Herbs

I have wanted an organic garden for quite some time now, but being that it is pretty much summer year-round here I did not want to deal with lots of bugs. So I decided to just start with a small potted herb garden. I had been looking for some sort of shelf to place the pots on so they wouldn’t have to be kept on the ground, but instead I came across a simple bar at Ikea that I thought would be perfect for my small herb garden. I also found these small colored pails after easter on clearance for $0.25 each that I figured would be perfect for plant holders once they had some holes made at the bottom.

I used the hammer and nail to make about 5 holes into the bottom of each pail.

I used organic soil and organic cilantro seeds in these pails. The directions said not to use the soil in containers, but I figured I'd try anyway.

I used S-hooks to hang the pails from the bar.

It’s nothing elaborate, but it’s a start. And the total cost was only about $16.25 with lots of S-hooks, seeds, and soil left over.

$5 – Bar

$2 – S-hooks

$1.25 – 5 pails

$2 – organic seeds

$6 organic soil

I plan on potting some cilantro for my mom because cilantro is to our food what basil is to Italian food.

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