Mason Jar Pin Cushion

I’ve seen these everywhere and had to try them for myself. Fortunately the pasta sauce we like to use comes in mason jars!


Mason jar (the lid that comes with the pasta sauce does not have the removable center so I picked up a pack of 6 lids with decorative removable centers at the store for $2)

Scrap fabric slightly larger than the lid

Scrap card stock paper

Fiberfill, wool, scraps of batting, cottonballs, etc. to fill pincushion

Hot glue gun and glue sticks




1. Cut out a piece of fabric in a square or circle (doesn't matter too much) that is slightly larger than the inside of the lid

2. Trace and cut out a piece of card stock the same size as the lid.






3. Place the fabric right side facing down and filling on top of the band of the lid. Take the lid center and press until filling is pushed through the band and forms a pincushion on the other side.

4. Trim any excess fabric and hot glue the piece of card stock over the fabric edges.

It should look something like this.

Place the lid on top of the jar and fill with your notions, office supplies, or fabric scraps!

2 thoughts on “Mason Jar Pin Cushion

  1. HI! Thats the most lovely container i have seen ! =)
    Could you share where did you buy those removable centre jar lids from ? is there any online shop that sells it?

    • Thank you! I got the jar lids at Walmart. If you google “canning jar lids” or “mason jar lids” you can also find several places that sell them online (Meijer and Amazon for example). Hope that helps!

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