Fabric Covered Switch Plate

I’m slowly, but surely decorating my son’s room. By the time I finish he probably will have outgrown the decor. I’m still trying for an aviation and nautical theme combined. A couple months ago I made these fabric covered cork boards. So I decided to continue with the lighthouse and anchor fabric in the room to make it a little more cohesive. A fabric covered switch plate fit the bill perfectly.


Switch Plate, Fabric cut 1/4-1/2" larger than switch plate, Mod Podge, foam brush, and scissors


1. Cover the switch plate in Mod Podge and place fabric over switch plate.

2. Glue edges of fabric to the back of the switch plate, trimming any excess as needed.

Tip: If you glue down the 4 corners first the edges will be a little more crisp. I figured this out after I had made a mess of mine.

3. Cut an “x” into the center where the hole for the switch is.

4. Fold fabric over and glue onto the back of the switch plate (also seen in the picture above – I skipped taking pictures of some steps).

5. Poke holes where the screw will go with a nail, paper clip, scissors, anything you can find.

6. Put back on the wall!



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