Grocery Bag Holder

I don’t think I am the only one, but I have one of the hugest collections of plastic grocery bags currently taking residence in our laundry room. I have plenty of reusable bags, but I sometimes have a hard time remembering to bring them until I’m ready to check out at the store. I have been getting better at bringing them on shopping trips, but we still have quite an extensive collection. I finally decided after eyeing these grocery bag holder tutorials here and here a few weeks ago that we need somewhere to put the bags besides in the laundry room stuffed into other bags. So I made a grocery bag holder somewhere in between the two from Craftiness is Not an Option and Make it and Love it. I liked the idea of using more than one fabric print, but the idea of using 9 was a little too much work for me. So I decided to use 3 fabric prints.


3 cuts of fabric 20″ x 9-10″

2 pieces of 1/4″ elastic 6 1/2″ and 11″ (trust me on this one, I tried using 1/2″ elastic with no success)

1 piece of ribbon 12-14″

Sewing supplies (thread, scissors, pins, etc)



1.With right sides facing, pin and sew long sides of 2 of the pieces of fabric together with a 1/4″ seam allowance. Repeat for the 3rd piece of fabric.

2. Iron all the seams open.

3. Make a casing for the elastic at each end by folding the edge of the fabric over about 1/4″ then again about 1/3″. If you plan on trying 1/2″ elastic then you’ll need to make sure you’ll need to be sure to fold over slightly more than 1/2″. Iron down to keep it from coming back up if that helps you.

4. Sew as close to the edge of the fold so the elastic will still fit.

5. Insert the elastic into the casing (the larger piece into the top and the smaller into the bottom) and sew one side before pulling through. Once one side has been sewn together, pull elastic out to other end (this takes some time). Then pin to the end  to keep it from springing back inside the casing and sew.

6. Pin ribbon to the print side of the fabric and sew into place a few times. I folded the fabric to make a circular shape to get an idea of where to pin the ribbon.

7. Pin the 2 sides, right sides together and sew.

8. Turn right side out, fill with plastic bags, and find somewhere to hang your new grocery bag holder!

I'll probably need a few more of these to store all the bags we have, but this is a start.


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