Stuffed Tie Snake

My niece turns 4 next week. Time sure does fly! She’s been very interested in snakes lately for some reason. I, for one, am terrified of even fake ones. However, I decided to get gutsy and make her a stuffed snake. My husband has quite an extensive collection of ties. I’m not sure where they all came from since he refuses to ever wear them and the only time he has that I recall was at our wedding. Since I knew he wouldn’t miss any of them, I rummaged through my husband’s tie collection and picked out a nice paisley design that I thought would be perfect for my niece’s new pet.

This project was extremely easy, but did take some time because the stuffing was quite slow.




Fabric or Hot Glue

Google Eyes

Needle and Thread (optional)


1. First begin stuffing the tie from the smaller end. Do not try to push stuffing all the way to the other end, just to the middle. I found it was much easier to meet in the middle from both ends than to push all the way through.

Tip: Use small pieces of stuffing at a time to keep the snake from having lumps.

Tip: Use a marker or dowel to push the stuffing into the tie.

2. Once you’ve stuffed the bottom half of the snake start at the larger end and stuff that side as well.

3. Stuff the head and tail.

Both the "head" and "tail" have separate flaps to stuff.

4. You can fold the flaps back over and the stuffing will remain inside, but if you think kiddie play might cause the stuffing to fall out you can put some glue near the opening or sew it up.

5. Glue 2 google eyes to the head and your new pet is ready for play!

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