A Card For the Computer Geek

Since I struggle with how to justify buying a $4 piece of card stock, I decided to make my husband’s birthday card this year. My husband is a computer programmer/software engineer/computer guru. He tries to explain to me what it is he does, most of the time failing miserably because I have the attention span of a fly and most of his geek-speak is over my head. He did show me this site that gives a pretty good analogy for what it is programmers do in case you’re curious. So I dug deep into the dusty archives of my memory to try to come up with something computer-related that I could incorporate into his birthday card. Somehow binary numbers (although I cannot tell you for certain exactly what they are) seemed like a good idea. I wanted the card to be from our son so I looked up the alphabet in binary code and stamped “Happy Bday Daddy” in binary.

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