Random Thoughts on Growing Up

Do you ever wonder what your kids will be like when they grow up?

I don’t mean what they will be, but how they will be. How they will approach this life? I think about that a lot.

Will he accept Christ as his Savior?

Will he be honest and keep his word?

 Will he be well-mannered?

Will he be stand up for what he believes?

Will he listen?

Will he always be curious and creative?

Will he give when he has only a little?

Will he believe he can, even when the odds are against him?

How will he treat others?

Will he be patient?

 Will he be the bigger man and walk away?

Will he work hard?

 How will he react to his first broken heart?

Will he think outside the box?

 Will he be hApPy?

I know good is a relative term, but hopefully you’ll understand what I mean when I say that my hope for my son is that he will be a good person, that he will treat others kindly, even those that have not been kind to him.

I hope he is a better person than I am.

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