Something New

Lately I’ve been finding some great freebies and deals so I thought I’d start sharing them.

Here are a couple I found today:

Savemore is having a deal on a teeth whitening pen from Smile Bright. Now do you or I need this? Probably not, but hey it’s free. It’s a $30 pen for $8, but you get a $10 credit for signing up so it ends up being free with $2 leftover. Shipping is free! The deal is here if you’re interested.

At Saveology you can get a year’s worth of seeds from Mike the Gardener Enterprises’ for $15, retails at $31. You get 8 packs to start, then 4 packs a month for a year. Too bad I have no idea how to care for fruits and veggies or I would be all over this one. Oh well, maybe some of you could use this deal.

Another one at Saveology is a $50 gift card from for $20. You can probably tell by the name, but just in case the gift card is good towards booking a hotel. They say there are 55,000 to choose from all over, but I’d look at the list and see if they have ones where you’ll be traveling.

I’ll post more deals as I find them.

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