Totsy Deal and Feeding Baby

Have you heard of Totsy? It’s fabulous! If you haven’t you should go over and have a look. They have extremely cute things for kids and parents at reasonable prices. It’s somewhat complicated to explain, but they have sales that only last for a certain number of days. It is hit or miss depending on the day. If you want to look at the deals to see if there’s anything you needgo here. I think they make you put in an email address before you can see what they have, but I can’t remember.

Now normally I wouldn’t be telling you about Totsy, except that I found another deal that makes it even better!

BuyWithMe is like Groupon, but not nearly as popular as you can tell since you’ve probably never heard of it. For the next couple days they have a $30 voucher to Totsy for $15. And if you have never been to Totsy and are signing up for the first time you get free shipping!

Gosh I sound like I’m being sponsored by them. I just get so excited about good deals. Yesterday they had the Trunki discounted so you could get that and some of the Trunki stickers with the $30 and free shipping. They also had the cutest baby girl outfits for $6. Since I do not have a little girl I figured I should probably refrain, but it was hard. Today of course there are different deals.

Now I’m trying to decide if this is wrong, but since I’ve been having some trouble getting the little Bhudda belly to eat his veggies I decided to try this . . .

Peas in Oatmeal

Peas in Macaroni

I know, I know. Disgusting! He loved it though, well the veggies in oatmeal at least. He will eat anything I put into oatmeal. So far we’ve tried potatoes, sweet potatoes, carrots, peas, and corn.

Oh and last night we tried him in the crib again and he slept through the night! And I just laid him down for a nap, quiet as a mouse.

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