DIY Canvas Wall Art

I saw this on BHG and posted all over pinterest and had to have my own.

We’ve had this 11×14 wedding picture above our bed:

 and despite it being disproportionately small for the space we’ve kept it there for over 2 years.

 I figured this would be the perfect project for the space. So I got to work.


I took a 16×20 canvas and placed pieces of painter’s tape across in lines of varying angles.

Then pressed the tape down with a shopping card, which I’m not sure made any difference.


I used 2 shades of blue, but you can use more or less.

Peel the tape before it is completely dry so it doesn’t pull paint off the canvas.

Just like when you paint walls using painter’s tape, paint seeps underneath. Just cover with white paint.

BHG painted the entire canvas first, then covered it with white tape. I didn’t realize that until after I made my painting since I just assumed how they had made it and read the directions after.

I prefer my variation anyway.

The final product, dried and touched up.

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