DIY Canvas Wall Art . . . Continued

In my last post I made a canvas for a large wall of nothingness that exists above our bed. Of course, one piece of magnificent art would not be enough to fill up the space.

I just needed to figure out the perfect pieces to make that would compliment the first.

Here’s what I came up with:

Figures my camera would decide this should be the photograph to gather exceptionally specific detail like the white touch ups I made, but you really can’t tell when looking at it.

The first painting I made by placing vinyl stickers on the canvas and painting over the entire canvas. Once dry, I removed the vinyl.

The final painting in this series took me forever to decide on and the longest to make.

I wanted something that represented our family and since we love taking bike rides my idea was to have 3 bikes decreasing in size (papa, mama, baby bikes). Unfortunately since the canvas needed to be painted vertically to fit with the other paintings it is somewhat difficult to notice the size differences, but I still love how it turned out.

I found some clip art of a bike I like and printed it at 100%, 90%, and 75%. I then cut them out, placed them on the canvas, and painted over them.

It was messy with all the detail and I had to do a LOT of touch ups, but it was worth it I think.

These definitely fill up the space better than the wedding photograph that previously occupied this space.

Total Cost: $9

Canvas – $2.50 each x 3 = $7.50

Paint – $0.50 each x 3 = $1.50

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