Airplane Mobile

I had the idea to make this before our sweet baby boy was even born.

I slowly collected a bunch of wooden planes (for some reason each store only stocked 2-3 at a time).

When it came time to finally decide on a nursery theme we went with a sailboat/nautical theme, but I was not willing to give up the airplane mobile I had my heart set on. So when I found an octopus hanger at Ikea I figured I could re-label the room theme to aero-nautical and use the octopus to tie in the mobile to that theme.

Cheesy and far-fetched, I know.

It doesn’t matter, I love it and our sweet baby boy could care less if there are airplanes or wads of paper hanging from that octopus.

Of course these steps make it look easy, but it was quiet a tedious (especially painting) and lengthy project.

Painted . . .

tied . . .


2 thoughts on “Airplane Mobile

  1. What craft store did you find these airplanes at? I checked at my Hobby Lobby but couldn’t find anything like them.

    • I actually got them at Walmart. They only had one or two each time I went so I had to make a few trips. I remember seeing some at either Michael’s or Joann’s, but I didn’t like them as much as the ones I found at Walmart.

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