16 Months

We’re still in Hawaii and despite the lack of a computer and almost non-existent wi-fi on the islands I couldn’t resist a chance to post about our sweet little guy who is 16 months today!


Last month his 4 back molars started coming in. He figured out he can not only walk forward, but backward as well.

He started pointing at what he wants and looking when we point at things.


And he started sharing toys and food . . .


. . . And keeping hats on his head (which is great for me because I have gathered quite a collection for him)!


This month so far we discovered 2 big fears – windshield wipers and the tide.


He’s started throwing and rolling balls back and forth to people, whereas before he did it randomly not realizing it was a game.

He also waves intentionally, especially to say bye.


We struggled with this a little since we introduced it later than we probably should have, but he’s got it down now.

This little guy has brought more joy than I ever knew was possible. Everyday he amazes me with how much he knows, his ability to problem solve, and the things he is able to do. I can’t wait to grow and learn some more with him.


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