The Simple Things – A World So Big


Yesterday, as I watched our sweet little boy gulp down almost all of his daddy’s large size smoothie, I realized just how small he is in such a big world. We’ve spent the past week sandwiched between the seemingly endless ocean and massive volcanoes, you’d think this would have occurred to me sooner. As I write this he sleeps beside me, almost half my height already. I am torn between the excitement of watching him grow up and wanting to hold onto these sweet moments forever. What an awesome gift to be blessed with that someone so small would call you mama.


4 thoughts on “The Simple Things – A World So Big

  1. awww! so sweet! I remember when my second baby was born and my husband brought my 15 month old in and she suddenly seemed so huge to me… i had never thought about how tiny we all start in the big world!

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