Gradient Paint Chip Art

I haven’t posted in about 4 months, since our Hawaii trip and since finding out we are going to have another little angel added to our family. I ended up having a very rough start to the pregnancy and decided to take a break. I haven’t worked on much since then, but I do have a LONG list of projects to get done before she (yes, a girl!) arrives.

Today I worked on my version of this gradient paint chip art, a project I have had my eye on for a few months. It’s a simple, yet genius idea from Young House Love. Originally I wanted to make it for the bare walls in our guest bath, but decided I’d like it better in baby girl’s room.

I searched through the stack of unused clearance frames I purchased a long time ago and found a white one with 2-5×7 windows. Perfect!

I also happened to find a 3/4″ square punch in my scrapbook supplies that I had bought on clearance as well and long since forgotten about. I figured it’d take about 54 of this size square to cover the 5×7 space and cut out all the pinkish colored paint chips I had.

I used the matte from the frame to trace the 5×7 window onto a piece of card stock.

Then I did a rough arrangement from light to dark (harder than it looks). Once I had it arranged to my liking I used double-sided photo splits to attach the paint chip squares onto the card stock and placed the card stock in the bottom window of the matted frame.

The effect isn’t quite as dramatic on this smaller scale, but I love it! I left the top window empty to add another project. So far I am thinking bunting art or ink footprints when she arrives. I’d love to hear any other ideas you might have though.

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