Two Weeks (and 1 day)!

Ironically my last post happened to be on the morning of the day I ended up going into labor. A few hours after I finished Eli’s ABC book and posted about it, I started having contractions. Our sweet baby girl, Addison, was born that afternoon at 4:43PM.

Proud Papa

On Thursday my mom and sister brought Eli by to meet his little sister. It was also his birthday so we celebrated in the hospital.

We had lots of sweets . . .

and fun . . .

and balloons . . .

and bonding . . .

and kisses!

Our first family photo (Eli really wanted to play with his balloons)

1 Day

3 Days

1 Week (and 1 Day) – Purple Princess

2 Weeks

2 Weeks (and 1 Day) – Disney Sidekick, Thumper

I’m going to try to take weekly themed shots and maybe weekly shots in a basket we received at our wedding (maybe monthly if weekly is too much) to keep track of her growth.

My sweet Eli is just getting so big so fast. People always tell you they grow up fast and you know it’s true, but it’s not until you’re looking back from now that you truly realize just how fast!

I know it will be the same with Addison and I want to remember every second of it!

The blanket she’s wrapped in was mine as a baby.

Thanks for stopping by and letting me brag about my babies a bit.

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