Stamped Washer Necklace

I have been seeing stamped jewelry everywhere lately and have finally succumbed to the trend. I mean who can resist just another chance to brag on your babies? Of course you can stamp anything onto them, but I will of course be putting my sweet babies’ names on mine. The one I made for this tutorial was for my sister’s birthday.



Metal stamp set

Metal Charm (Washer for this tutorial)

Black Sharpie

Baby Wipe

Chain, cord, or other string to make necklace

Bead or other embellishment (optional)

The first step is to stamp the letters by hammering each several times onto the metal charm. I chose a metal washer since this was my first attempt at stamping jewelry and it is an inexpensive alternative to sterling silver or some of the other charm options. I estimated spacing, but you can measure it out if you’d like.

I stamped my niece’s name. It will look like this once you’ve stamped the letters.

I actually liked it just being stamped, but since this was my first attempt at stamped jewelry I decided to try darkening the letters by filling them in with black sharpie.

Then wipe off the excess with a baby wipe or wet cloth.

Now tie your chain or cord (I used braiding cord from a previous project) around the washer to make it into a necklace. I also threaded the cord through a bead, but it looks great without the additional embellishment too!

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