Felt Circle Flower Headband

So I’m definitely more into this little girl thing than I ever thought I would be. How are there so many more options for girls than boys? Before our sweet Addison came along I was building up her hat collection. Now I’m starting to work on her homemade headband collection. Don’t get me wrong, she has plenty that I bought or were given as gifts, but a little girl can never have too many headbands . . . right?

I used this felt circle flower tutorial from Craftiness is not Optional.



Felt Pen or Sharpie

Circle to trace

1/4″ elastic


Glue (I recommend hot glue)

Trace circles onto the felt and cut out. I used 5 circles, but the tutorial I used used 6.

Draw a line of glue down the center of the circle and fold the circle so the ends of the glue line meet. I initially used the tacky glue, but took out my hot glue gun when the circles kept coming apart.

Place a dot of glue onto the bottom center of the folded circle and fold in half. The circles should now be in quarters like this . . .

Glue 4 quarters together into a circle and place the 5th on top.

Cut the elastic to fit the appropriate size head. Hand sew ends together (don’t worry about it looking pretty because it will be covered up).

Glue the flower onto the elastic where the ends meet to cover up any questionable sewing job 🙂 You can use another circle or a rectangle like I used here to cover the bottom side of the elastic.

I would have modeled it on little miss, but she was sleeping.

You play with colors and make one for every occasion. See my rainbow version here.

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