1 Month

Today our sweet little Addison is 1 month. Time seems to be going by even faster than it did with Eli.

I am trying my best to keep record of every little thing, every smile, every movement, every kiss. I have so many plans to document these things in other ways through scrapbooks, pictures, and other projects, but in case I never get to them all maybe this will still be here for my babies when they are older.


We are so blessed to welcome you sweet girl to our family. Not too long ago we were 3, now we are 4. You are such a special gift. Right now you can’t hold your head up, follow us when we move, or roll around, but I know all too soon you will be able to do these things. You have this one piece of hair that can’t be tamed, so I’ve nicknamed you my little Alfalfa sprout, which is perfect since your brother reminds me of Spanky. I am beyond excited to watch you learn and grow. Welcome to this world sweet baby angel.

1 Month of My Sweet Little Girl:

Today you are 1 month and getting so big, so fast. Everyone says you look like daddy, but have mommy’s nose. You are much more alert than when we first brought you home. At 1 week you started holding your head up and have been getting better at it everyday. You’re following movement with your eyes, but still giving us that adorable cross-eyed stare from time to time. We love watching you follow us around the room. Your sweet sleepy smiles and wrinkled forehead are my favorites, but I haven’t been quick enough to catch them with the camera yet. You love being held ALL the time. The swing and rocker are no help getting you to rest, but a few minutes in the baby carrier and you’re asleep in no time. You like to sleep in footie pajamas or cuddled up next to Mommy or Daddy. You wake up once or twice a night, but much more frequently if you sleep in the pack n play. Your cheeks are plumping up and your big brother and I love kissing them! Happy 1 month baby girl!

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