Felt Bow Headband

I saw this adorable bow headband over at Trey & Lucy and had to make one for my beautiful friend who is expecting her first baby next month. I followed the tutorial from Trey & Lucy except for the size of the felt I cut.


Felt in your color of choice

Elastic in your color of choice

Hot Glue Gun


Sewing thread and needle

Tape Measure


Cut 2 pieces of fabric:

1 – 12 inches by 1.25 inches

1 – 3.5 inches by 1.25 inches

Fold the long piece in half (you can mark the halfway point if you’d like).

Fold one side back to mark the middle of one side.

Using the halfway point of that side, bring it to the middle of the entire length of felt that you found (and possibly marked) at the beginning.

Repeat with the opposite side.

Place a line of hot glue under the folds (where you see the red lines in the picture below).

Take the smaller piece of felt and glue it to the back of your bow like this.

Wrap the piece around the front (optionally pinching the bow slightly while doing so) and to the back where it can be hot glued.

Cut the ends of your bow with a triangle shape to finish it off. Glue to the elastic where it has been sewn together to hide the seam.

Cover the back with an extra piece of felt as seen in this tutorial if you’d like.

Now place on your adorable little model and enjoy the cuteness!

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