2 Months/9 Weeks

On Monday our sweet little ballerina turned 2 months.

Sweet baby girl, you’re growing too fast! You’re holding your head up like a champ and follow everything that is going on around you with your big, beautiful, blue eyes. You stick your tongue out and flash the best smiles. I just LOVE when you scrunch up your adorable little nose. You still sleep best cuddled up next to mommy and daddy, but you’re getting better at sleeping in your own space. You always curl your toes and suck on your fist. After every meal you spit up quite a bit. You’ve been doing that since you were born, but I thought it might have gone away by now. The doctor says it’s okay as long as you’re growing, which you no doubt are. I’m already having trouble remembering what things were like before you came along. You only make things better.

Love, Mama

Although Monday was 2 months, we still took pictures for 9 weeks on Wednesday.

9 Weeks – Butterfly Baby

Eli has surpassed any expectation we could have ever had for him as a big brother. He is so sweet and takes such good care of his baby sister.

And of course, our basket shot.

I hope you have a beautiful weekend with family and friends!

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