Playing Catch Up

It’s been a full couple weeks for us, having lots of fun times together and then for me, working a lot.

Last week baby girl turned 3 months! I cheated a little because on Wednesday we got family pics done for the first time as a family of 4. So I didn’t do a full home shoot. I figure she probably didn’t miss it anyway and maybe even appreciated the break. They just called me today to say our CD is ready to be picked up so I’ll post some shots when I get around to going to get it. Eli was unhappy for the most part that morning so I’m anxious to see how they turned out.

Here’s a recap of our past couple weeks in pictures:

13 Weeks: Dorothy Remix

3 Months

My sweet baby girl. I can’t believe how much you’ve grown and how much love you’ve brought to our little family. You’re trying to lift your head and legs up while laying in your chair or swing now. You are getting so good about following what is going on and becoming so aware of your surroundings. You have started laughing and I can’t tell you how that sweet sound melts my heart, even more so when it’s your big brother who makes you laugh. You’ve been doing better with keeping food down, but we’re not fully there yet. I love how your brother knows what each of your cries means almost as much as Daddy and I do. He takes such good care of you and I hope that you will both take care of each other when you are older.

Love, Mama


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