Just Like Daddy

I’ve always heard little boys want to be like their daddies, but  growing up in a family of all girls I never got to see it in action. Lately Eli has been so into his daddy (and much less into his little sister and mama). He wants to do everything his daddy does and wants to make sure he’s his daddy’s main sidekick. It’s so sweet. He’s so sweet.

The other day our projector needed fixing. Good thing shorty was there to provide assistance or we wouldn’t be watching tv for a while.

His sister’s swing needed some adjusting too. Always looking out for her.

And this morning (I wish I had a video of it) as Matt went to leave for work, he gave Eli a hug and a kiss. Then he gave the baby a kiss on the forehead. As Matt headed out the door Eli ran after him pointing to his forehead for a kiss there too. And who could refuse?


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