30 Before 30

1. Go on a trip to New York with Matt.

2. See a show on Broadway.

3. Visit Tiffany & Co. New York (is it cheating that I can probably knock out 3 in 1 trip to NY?).

4. Go on one family road trip.

5. Finish our wedding scrapbooks.

6. Complete our honeymoon scrapbook.

7. Complete at least one scrapbook for each of my sweet babies.

8. Read at least 24 books each year (audio or paper).

9. Start a garden, even if just a small herb garden.

10. Plant one, or maybe 20, giant sunflower(s) in our yard.

11. Learn how to use Lightroom adequately.

12. Start a photography blog.

13. Find a job I really love.

14. Get family photos done every year.

15. Add at least one more little to our family.

16. Go on a girls trip, just Addison and me.

17. Make at least three outfits for each of my babies.

18. Do at least 2 series or theme days on this blog (RAK, Kids Say, other ideas to be added).

19. Learn to knit.

20. Volunteer at a soup kitchen with my family.

21. Read the Bible all the way through!

22. Go berry picking.

23. Go on a picnic.

24. Make a quilt.

25. Teach the babies to swim.

26. Go to a TobyMac concert.

27. Learn to cut hair (nothing fancy just trims)

28. Learn how to embroider and make something using it.

29. Donate much of my current wardrobe (most of which is from middle and high school still!) and update.

30. Establish at least 3 holiday/birthday traditions (25 nights of movies at Christmas – I’ve always wanted to do this)

Some extras I’d like to do:

Start a shop with some crafty goodies and make at least 1 sale

Make one original crochet pattern

Have a reunion weekend with the girls I was a RA for at college

Learn to make at least 5 traditional Puerto Rican foods


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